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Be Bright, Be Seen

Dress brightly in cool gear, if it's hospital you fear!

Be Bright, Be Seen

Even though cars have headlights they might not see you. Check our top tips to help you brighten up!

Top Tips

  1. Dress Brightly

    When you go out on a dark day or nearly night, wear colourful or fluorescent clothing so the cars can see you coming.

  2. Wear reflective gear

    Make sure you wear reflective gear or accessories, so the cars can see you in their headlights.

  3. Customise your backpack

    Another way to be seen is by customising your backpack with cool reflective zip clips and stickers.


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Bright stickers

Reflective vest

Belt / sash

Fluorescent cap

Yellow backpack

GORY STORIES - The girl who didn't dress right in the dark

She always liked to look her best
So didn't wear a nice bright vest
Or any clothing that was bright
When she was out at nearly night

But traffic couldn't see her see
And now she isn't so trendy
A car drove right into her guts
And covered her with bruisy cuts

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Cross the road where it's safe 'cos legs in plaster really chafe!

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