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Cycling Safety


Match 3-in-a-row before they go!

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Should you fall and hit the dirt, a helmet might prevent the hurt!

Cycling is fun

Cycling is a great way to have fun and stay healthy, so why not do it more often? However, before riding your bike, there are a number of things you should know to help keep you safe!

Look after your bike

Make sure your bike is in tip-top shape before you go for a ride!

Show what you know

Be a cycle safety superstar

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Stop, look and listen and the scars you'll be missin'

Read all about it!

There's lots more about cycle safety in our 'Tales of the Road, a Highway Code for Young Road Users' booklet!

Highway Code Booklet (PDF)

When cycling be sure to...

  • Wear a cycle helmet

    Always wear a helmet that's the right size for you and fitted correctly!

  • Be bright - be seen

    Wear something bright or reflective to make sure everyone can see you coming!

  • Find the safest route

    Plan your cycle journey with your parents, and do your best to stick to cycle paths and quieter roads. If the road looks busy, get off your bike and walk.

  • Put your lights on

    Fit your bike with reflectors and good strong lights if you're riding in the dark.

  • Park with care

    Park your bike with thought for other people, use a cycle stand and lock it to something secure!

  • Be careful near animals

    Give them plenty of room as you cycle past, and don't scare them with your bell!

Obey traffic signal and road signs

Take time to understand what each of the below signs mean:

  • Recommended route for cycles
  • Cycles only
  • Shared with pedestrians
  • Separate cycle & pedestrians
  • Cycle lane
  • DON'T CYCLE where you see this sign

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