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Safer Place to Cross

Street Smarts

This is a Flash game - Use your cursor keys to move around. Try to find the safest places to cross the road in order to make it safely home.

You need flash to access the games on this website

Cross the road where it's safe 'cos legs in plaster really chafe!

The Safest Place in Town

Find the safest places to cross

  • Pelican crossings
  • Puffin crossings
  • Subways
  • Footbridges
  • Pedestrian islands
  • Traffic lights
  • Zebra crossings

If all else fails look for...

  • School crossing patrol
  • Police officer
  • Traffic warden

Never Cross in a place where you can't see what's coming, especially...

Near the brow of a hill

You can't see what's coming over the hill

On a blind corner

There could be a car coming around the bend

...and try to avoid crossing near or between parked cars...

Because cars can't see you in time to stop

GORY STORIES - The boy who didn't look for a safe place to cross

He couldn't be bothered to walk to a place
Where cars could be seen from a nice open space
So he crossed the road right next to a bend
Now his arm, for some while, will be struggling to mend

A car can't dodge what it cannot see
So flattened the boy... unfortunately
Now he can't swim, dress himself or go-kart
'Cos his arm is all limp and falling apart

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Should you fall and hit the dirt a helmet might prevent the hurt!

Yasmin's Story

Watch what happened to Yasmin when she was walking home from school.

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