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Stop, Look and Listen

If you stop, look and listen, the scars you'll be missin'...


  • Find the safest place to cross then stop.
  • Stand on the pavement near the kerb or the edge if there is no kerb.


  • Give yourself lots of time to have a good look all around.
  • Make sure you can see if anything is coming and drivers can see you.


  • Listen carefully because you can sometimes hear traffic before you can see it.
  • Never cross the road whilst chatting to people, listening to your iPod or talking on your mobile phone.

When it is safe to cross, walk straight across the road. Do not walk diagonally. Keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross.

That's Gotta Hurt

3 cracked ribs - can't run around

broken arm - no swimming for 6 weeks

broken fingers - can't play computer games for 4 weeks

battered leg - can't kick a ball for 3 weeks

Kerr's Story

Watch what happened to Kerr on his way to playing football in the park.

Watch the Video

Show what you know

Be a cycle safety superstar


Print out and keep this activity pack

Play Lighten Up

Dress brightly in cool gear if it's the hospital you fear!

GORY STORIES - The boy who didn't stop look and listen

Before his leg was bent backwards
He loved to play football all day
But the boy didn't cross in a safe place
Where he could see cars come his way

He then didn't stop, look and listen
A car hit him at quite a pace
And now he cannot play football
'Cos his leg broke in more than one place

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